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There are few places in the world that you come to and even though you have not been there before, you feel so welcome that it seems to be your home.
That’s exactly what they want to convey at Casa Molle Villa, a luxury hotel in the middle of the Elqui Valley, where you really feel at home.

We were invited to visit Casa Molle Villa along with my team from the Chilean Association of Travel Bloggers, ACBV. Together we toured the area and enjoyed for three days the 17 hectares of this boutique hotel.

As always, this review will show you how my experience was and although it was an invitation, I’m not forced to tell you only the good, but there are times when the good is really what stands out.

Casa Molle is a hotel that is beginning to operate and promises to be one of the most luxurious and successful proposals in the north of Chile and the truth is that we had a hard time finding negative things that were not to our liking. They were only details to be able to arrive at the perfection that we were and that was more than anything tied to our personal taste.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

The Molle environment and culture

Casa Molle Villa is located in a very important area historically for Chile as it is one of the few where Molle culture was developed 200 BC.

At that time, they already recognized the unique beauties and conditions that had the Elqui Valley to live and connect with the Universe. They settled here to perform their ceremonies and to enjoy life, which is still being done by those who live in this sector of northern Chile.

The Elqui Valley today is internationally recognized, not only for having one of the cleanest skies that allow observation of the universe almost 360 days of the year but also for followers and students of spiritual currents that ensure there is a special magnetism in these land.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

The concept

Casa Molle Villa is designed based on the concept of European Villas.
It is not the traditional hotel in which you make a reservation with your partner and you can travel the weekend … unless you book only for you the full Villa.

Groups of up to 24 adults and 31 children can be accommodated. As the concept is to have all the space reserved only for the group, it is the ideal place to carry out business trips, business trips for company teams, wellness retreats, family vacations, marriages, etc.

The 17 hectares of the Villa have much more than you can imagine enjoying your stay in the place.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

An 18 hole golf course that is technically 9 and has a level of difficulty that makes it very entertaining and challenging. The surroundings allow trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horse riding and horseback riding.

A Baby Soccer field and a beautiful infinity pool where you can even swim counter-current.

Casa Molle Villa is specially designed for your comfort, with details that will make your stay unforgettable.
It is designed under the concept of All Inclusive so when you book your stay you will already know everything that is included.

You will only have to pay for excursions and tours that are outside the initial plan. But all meals and activities within the Villa are included in the value.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley


Design and art

Based on the Chilean traditions and also embracing in including Molle culture, Casa Molle Villa is designed to incorporate both concepts throughout the place.

Modern structures, simple but luxurious accompany a natural environment that defines aesthetics to be simple and very beautiful at the same time.

Details included in the designs of the cabins and common spaces reflect the Chilean country culture including the ancestors of the area. The Molle culture has a special role and the concept of living in contact with nature as well as its pictorial representations are reflected in the design of the hotel.

An amphitheater based on traditional vessels and a fireplace that invites you to be in contact with the surroundings and look at the sky, the large windows remind you all the time the presence of mountains and the common sectors invite to share as if you were at home.

Gloria Paillas Yurac, an expert in art and design commented

“Every detail is very well thought out to call the senses, details in the potery, in the rooms, rescuing Molle culture and local culture make it a work of art”

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

The installations

The center of activities is the main house, an old family home that still retains the warmth of a family life.
It is here where you will find the main dining room, the kitchen, some rooms and the rest room that has television, sound system and a minibar with snacks and drinks available all day.

Beautiful gardens with vegetation according to the geography of the area surrounding the main house and the cabins.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley
The infinity pool has all the amenities to enjoy the sun or the sunsets in the Elqui Valley, next to the kitchen and outdoor kitchen you can enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors and enjoy the night under the stars.

A golf course that includes a lagoon and a meeting center with an enviable view, in whose outer terrace you can practice yoga or meditations with giant quartz bowls outdoors.
Every detail has been taken into account and will make your days unforgettable.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

The rooms

The rooms are designed under a simple and minimalist concept.

Spacious beds and bedding of very good quality, good lighting and with a temperature control system. The newest thing is the keys that incorporated in a waterproof bracelet that you can have with you all the time and you will avoid having to look for or worry about taking each time.

What surprised me the most was the good water pressure and the shower temperature which were perfect.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

Luxury gastronomy

How many times do you have the option of having a professional chef cooking exclusively for you?
Chef Pierre Badinella is in charge of creating and planning the cuisine of Casa Molle Villa.

Pierre’s level of creativity and professionalism impressed us.

According to Karim, the creator of this boutique hotel “for a whole year, Pierre has never prepared a dish like another”

They have an orchard with organic products, fruit trees, and chickens that are part of the gastronomic plan of Casa Molle Villa. A kitchen of the highest range in which new flavors and products are created daily to be able to surprise your guests … and they manage perfectly!

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyCasa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

Why choose Casa Molle Villa

Choosing Casa Molle Villa as a destination is easy, it is simply the best place where you could stay to enjoy the Elqui Valley. The design, the concern for every detail and the gastronomy are incomparable.

If you travel in a group or need to have a space that will be reserved just for you, this is definitely your place.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley

Casa Molle Villa Surroundings

Casa Molle Villa is located in one of the most tourist and unique areas of Chile. La Serena, Coquimbo and the Elqui Valley are places full of history, culture, and nature to enjoy.

Astronomical observatories and a wide variety of Astroturismo make this area very attractive for those who have the most varied interests.

Outdoor sports, adventure, culture, gastronomy, and science make the Elqui Valley an ideal destination for all, big and small.
On this occasion, I even coordinated with my traveling companions a quick visit to the wonderful show of the Flowering

Desert, which is at its best and has not looked so flourished for 20 years. A little further north, past Vallenar and in the Llanos del Challe National Park area you will see flowery fields that will escape all your imagination.

Casa Molle Villa & Golf Hotel Boutique Elqui ValleyFlowering desert 2017 Atacama

How to get to Casa Molle Villa

To get to Casa Molle Villa you can do it in several ways:

Auto, from Highway 5 Norte, past the city of La Serena, you must take Route 64, which is also signposted as “The Route of the Stars”. It is the way that is inserted in the Elqui Valley and that takes you to sectors like Vicuña, Pisco Elqui, and El Molle, which is where the Hotel is located.
To locate it on the Map, the GoogleMaps location works perfect and will leave you right at the door.

By airplane, from La Serena airport you are only 20 minutes from Casa Molle Villa. You can coordinate a transfer or taxi service from the airport to the hotel.

By bus, from La Serena Terminal, or direct from Santiago, you can take a bus to Vicuña and stop at El Molle. Coordinate your arrival so they can pick you up at the bus terminal for your convenience.


Other ways to enjoy the Casa Molle concept:
House Molle Office
Casa Molle Travel Concierge
Casa Molle Events
Open Weekend Next date in October, CasaMolle Villa opens at certain dates of the year for those who want to know the concept with individual reservations.

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