Las Vegas Five-Star rooms for just $50! Don’t miss the Million Dollar Sale

UPDATE: I’m not surprised, but this amazing deal from Hotwire has SOLD OUT!   Nov.22, 2017


When it comes to Vegas we all have the dream of experiencing this crazy and fun destinations as we see in many movies. A stay with all the luxury we deserve, arriving in the night to the comfiest bed with the best service you can get.

If you are like me and are dreaming of visiting this destination Hotwire brings you the perfect excuse to go now!


Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Hotwire The Million Dollar Sale!



According to a new “Luxury & Holiday Travel Survey conducted online within the United States by CITE Research on behalf of Hotwire, the average retail rate for five-star hotel rooms nationwide within the last year was $318, thus only 24 percent of U.S. travelers have stayed at a five-star property more than once within the last five years

They also realized millennials love luxury but no always can afford this and it’s only the costs preventing them from staying at a five-star hotel. But they also noticed something very interesting, most of the people were wanting to take a Holiday from the Holidays and relieve some stress with a vacation or a Getaway.


Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Hotwire The Million Dollar Sale Five- Star hotel


With the aim to give more travelers the opportunity to experience a Getaway in one of their five-star hotels, Hotwire is launching the ‘Million Dolar Sale’, a crazy offer lasting only for few days, so you have to hurry up!

As Hotwire President Neha Parikh explains, “I know it might sound too good to be true, so you may ask yourself, ‘What’s the catch?’ But it’s real. I believe Hotwire is a different kind of travel site, a different kind of company. I am putting my money where my mouth is in terms of showing the incredible value we bring to people who love to travel and inviting everyone to experience our amazing Hot Rate deals—and luxury five-star travel—for themselves.”

“The Million Dollar Sale is our way of saying ‘thank you,’ by putting luxury five-star travel within everyone’s reach.” continues Parikh.


Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Hotwire The Million Dollar Sale Five- Star hotel


This $50 five-star hotel rates in Las Vegas are open now and it and will stay open until Hotwire spend $1 million. Considering all the stress the Holidays brings, this offer is perfect to travel during the holiday season and also save some money,- you will save more than $350 per room per night!-.



As Hotwire offers are crazy hot deals, they only reveal the name of the hotel once you proceed to checkout. They don’t have a full list of hotels to distribute publically, but almost all the premier properties in Vegas are participating.

When you go to the Hotwire site and search for Las Vegas during the 12/8-28 window, you will find the five-star rooms for $50 on the website.

Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Hotwire The Million Dollar Sale Five- Star hotel

IN CASE YOU DIDN’T HEARD BEFORE ABOUT HOTWIRE is one of the leading discount travel site offering deep discounts from its travel partners to help travelers book unsold airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars through Hot Rate® deals.

They offer regularly hot travel deals with one detail: they only provide you the hotel name, hotel star rating, amenities, Hotwire and Trip Advisor reviews, neighborhood, and other key destination details, but they don’t reveal the hotel’s name until you book and they only work with premium brands they don’t offer this amazing discounts regularly.


For booking a five-star hotel room for $50, or for more details on the Million Dollar Sale visit


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