Who’s The Nomadic Chica?

Since childhood I have felt curious to know other countries, other places, other faces. I remember sitting for hours looking at a book about countries, learning every flag, capital and characteristics of the most distant countries. I remember dreaming about traveling to these places before I remember thinking what I wanted to be in life.

There must be something in my genes, coming from a family of immigrants who crossed the ocean to try their luck in other lands – I have always felt the need to see what’s beyond the Andes.

I remember being in school and admiring friends traveling on our holidays to distant destinations Even though at that age the farthest place they were going was probably Disneyworld, these places always seemed to be so far away for me. 

With my family I traveled within our country since I was born… always going to the South, which is dear to me.  Every summer (and some winters) since I was one year old, we travelled together for hours in order to reach the place we had been wanting to go all year: my grandparents’ house: full of love, friendship, joy and food … lots of food.

I started working small jobs when I was 14, and all of my earnings were spent on what I liked the most: travel. I began to travel within the country with friends, camping, hitchhiking on main roads and small paths many times over the next years, walking for hours under the rain or sun carrying a huge backpack with food for days (which I no longer feel so nice to do).

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Visited 26 UN countries (13.4%) out of 193.
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It was probably after my first trip to Europe that I realized it was possible to travel the world, that it was not an impossible idea, and after that magnificent experience I began to travel through South America. While there, I also realized that  a woman can travel alone in South Americaand also in the world

So now I also travel to inspire other women to travel their own countries and the whole world! It is possible, safe and funny too!

You wanna know How is it to travel as a Chilean and Latina? Check here

Despite what everyone said to me, I kept wanting to know and traveling to destinations that I keep deep in my heart, knowing the goodness and kindness of the human being, and getting help in the most unlikely places.

Along with that I met the exchange accommodation networks (hospitalityclub and couchsurfing) with whom I traveled and received travellers in my home countless times. Has undoubtedly been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, when at times I lose faith in humans goodness, appear beautiful things in life that brighten and leave behind the idea that humans are bad and unable to share love that round my mind sometimes.

Why I have this passion for travel?

I do not travel to escape anything, I love my family, my friends, my country.

Maybe I travel to confirm that people are fine, they are not all selfish and individualistic, which nevertheless I can still trust some people and not all lie constantly, leaving behind a pessimistic idea I have at times on humans .

I travel also to find myself. It is on the road when you are forced to face yourself, your reality, your fears, your tastes, your values, your mistakes, what you really are and it is in this search that I still encounter there are many things that even with my 33 years I do not know or do not face yet. It is when I am absolutely out of my comfort zone that I feel more alive. I’m looking for something I feel I have left out when trying to have a “normal life”. It is on the road that I connect with myself and keep contact with my dreams.

I like both: to sleep in a tent under the stars or in a five-star hotel. I like as much to eat pasta in the most elegant restaurant in a city  as eating street food. I like adventure . I like the thrill of living life in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar language , where you’re totally a stranger for everybody.

I am myself when I move, when I travel, when I sleep in different places in the same month, when I try different foods. I feel alive and I feel myself.



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  1. Hi Gloria,
    I discovered your blog through the collaborative post that we both contributed to on One Weird Globe, so I thought I would stop by and say “Hi”! It’s always great to meet another woman who’s been passionate about travel her whole life. Great to see you going after your dreams!

  2. Just amazing…. Great news to have found you on twitter! Finding people like you and to my surprise… A lot more spread all over the world… is what make it all worthwhile. I agree 100 % with you when you say that sometimes you loose hope in human beings, but then all of a sudden you are in the middle of nowhere and someone gives you a hand. And you start to believe again in the goodness & kindness of people again.
    Life is not meant to be lived at one place, get out of your comfort zone to start LIVING.
    From now on you have a new fan 😉

  3. travelling is good. we are all living under the same atmosphere.

  4. Well said. I have been travelling alone for 23 years and have no desire to stop! 🙂

  5. Do you know about ETHIOPIA, please come & visit us, you will really enjoy it. looking forward to see u in my country ETHIOPIA. BYE

  6. If only I don’t have to worry about the financial part… I will definitely do all these. Too bad, I can’t pass that internal conflict that I have spending my savings on travelling versus my mother’s nagging!

  7. A salute to this post! You are my hero.. I love to travel but still haven’t found the courage to do it alone! And I can identify completely with all the reasons you put down for the desire to travel.

  8. Like you, I started traveling at a very young age. First with my family and then on my own. Travel is a great teacher.

  9. It is wonderful that you have not let anything stop you from exploring the world and achieving this dream. The riches of the world are amazing to see in person!

  10. I love your adventurous spirit and your courage to travel distant continents all alone, you have my admiration for that and I wish a lot of new challenges come your way!

  11. Makes me want to do my own list on why I travel. I love to travel only that I restrained about things – finances most especially.

  12. It was great to get to know you better especially the bit about your childhood. Looking forward to reading about your wonderful travels in the future 🙂

  13. I grew up in different places and only when I got a little older, I appreciated the feeling of being in a different place and culture! But then it’s never too late to discover what other wonderful sights the world can show 😀

  14. Traveling is a journey that explores the passion deep inside. You’ve got what you want in traveling when you can afford. I like it too, but money is the problem.

  15. A lovely post and perspective on travel and meeting new people. Its good to connect and communicate with those from other countries and cultures – we often meet at a place of similarity rather than difference.

  16. Agree much with your post! I love to travel as well and it’s definitely the best experience ever

  17. I love to travel, too! I try (as much as my budget permits me) to travel at least once a year within in my country and outside my country. Have you visited the Philippines? Come! -katrina centeno

  18. We really discover about ourselves and also learn about new culture. It’s nice that you found your niche in travel.

  19. Thank you for sharing your story. I also love travelling on my own itinerary. Being from Asia, going to South America seems to be such an impossible dream. I hope to be able to visit your part of the world soon. – Fred

  20. I agree when you said you travel to find yourself. I love my family and friends, but travelling lets you know yourself more as an individual. I can’t wait to find out what more there is about me. I guess only my future travel will tell me that.

  21. I also love to travel, within my country (philippines) and other nearby asian country. when we travel, its not just the thrill of adventure we experience but also, we get to learn other cultures esp. their food.

  22. I loved your article and I found myself in many points here. Traveling gives you so many things that nothing else can. I can compare traveling only with daydreaming but traveling is real ! People and the world itself is great and its worth to discover.

  23. Very well said. It’s in travelling that I get to revisit the picture of the man that I really am, and what I really want to be. I usually get more energized after a travel. I couldn’t agree more… 😀

    Explore yourself, as you explore the world! 😀

  24. I wish I have the courage like yours to venture out of my comfort zone. I’m going to travel on my own next February to Australia and I’m pretty much very scared but excited at the same time 🙂

    • Hey Amie! It will be a great experience for sure! We are always little scared about the things we don’t know about but it’s when we do those things miracles happend! Wish you all the best in Australia!

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