Visiting Casa Molle Villa Hotel Boutique in Elqui Valley, Chile


Casa Molle Villa Hotel Boutique Elqui Valley Chile


One of the most magical places in Chile is in the north of the country. Elqui Valley is one of those places with incomparable mystique and natural beauty.

We were invited to visit Casa Molle Villa and Golf with the ACBV team, the Travel Bloggers Association I’m the director for the next two years.

We are very excited because it was the first trip we do together and also the place promised to be really spectacular.


ACBV Travel Bloggers Chile


I took the trip to travel a little further north of Chile to see for the second time the Flowering Desert, which this year is presenting the largest flowering of the last 20 years.

The previous time and the first time I lived this wonder was 2015, the biggest bloomim¡ng to date and was really impressive.

You can see more details and pictures here, I even managed to find the famous and unique “Garra de León”.

Casa Molle Villa is in the middle of the mountains in the village of El Molle, which is the cradle of Molle culture, which existed 200 years BC.

In this dreamed place we spend a few days of luxury and relax, with an exclusive golf course for us only, horseback riding, Yoga and meditation, beautiful gardens and a chef dedicated exclusively to delight our palates.


Here I leave a video for you to get an idea of the place.


I will be telling you more details of this incredible place soon.

For now, I invite you to travel to the north of Chile and connect with nature and with yourself in a perfect and inspiring environment.

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