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foodie- tasty worldA Food Gallery with all your favorites around this Tasty World

One of my favorite things to do is to try different flavors, so when I’m traveling my first stop in a new destination is always the market or supermaket if there’s one available.

I LOVE to try new flavors and street food and eating local is one of my passions!


This is the Foodies corner on this blog, where you can also colaborate with your preferences on delicious food and beverages from your country or from a place you visited in this tasty world. If you want to share with us ASK HERE for the guidelines, I’ll love to share it with everybody!

*Click on each Image to learn about each delicacy and enjoy!

 TASTY (1) 

  adana kebab

sea food soup chile  1 Mote con huesillo-2 1Cola de Mono-2



  1. this is awesome i learnt what momos look like they are called kiao here in thailand

  2. Momos are the best! I have some friends from Nepal who are teaching me to make them.

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