My Best Travel and Blogging experiences of 2016

I love doing this summary of what was the year that ends.

I do it for my birthday when I raise my desires for the next cycle; and I also do it by the end of the year, to remember everything that has happened in recent months and review that I could modify to make it even better in the cycle that starts.

2016 was a very intense year in many respects, both personally and professionally, and one with my best travel and blogging accomplishments until now.

A year with many changes, often surprising, but looking at them today all have a meaning.

Perhaps the phrase that sums up 2016 for me is:

Dreams always come true if you believe so.

your dream job

How was your year and your best travel of 2016?

I organized these events with letters and not numbers just to play a little and to follow the numbering that is done in the airplanes … to leave it a little more on a travel tone.


A. Traveling with LATAM Airlines

I started the year with great excitement, as I was invited by a very important brand to travel with them. And it was nothing less than, until then, LAN Airlines.

I was able to live with them two very important milestones as was flying in the first a350 of the Americas that also meant for me to know a destination dreamed since I was very young when I looked at the map of South America: Manaus.

A few months later I would be flying in a unique event: The first flight as the new LATAM Airlines. It was a very exciting event because it marked a milestone in history, and it was very special for me because in the middle of the flight I heard how they told the story of my first flight to all passengers!


Revista VAMOS Latam Bloguer de Viajes chilenaThis incredible event was featured in the second edition of the new VAMOS Magazine, and also, at page 172, my experienced was there for all the passengers during June.

These experiences were very valuable for me, not only as a blogger, for my experience and work with such a recognized brand, but also for the incredible people I met during them.

Bloguer de viajes chilena


B. Rio de Janeiro Carnival

I guess everybody has those events with which we always dream to participate.

As a child, I always watched the Rio Carnival parades on TV and was dazzled by the music, colors, and energy that lives there.

This year I fulfilled the dream! And also I fulfilled the dream with my mother who also had a lot of desire to live this experience.

Sambódromo Carnaval de Río de Janeiro


C. Brasil.

Buzios and Paraty

Brazil is a destination that I regret having waited so long to visit.

Today is one of my favorites and is a country with a lot of diversity.

The coast near Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, calypso waters, palm trees and caipirinhas served on the beach. Do you have any doubts?

I really love places like Paraty, full of history, and in which I can go for hours taking photos of its cobbled streets.

Paraty Centro Histórico Brasil


D. Rancagua

Instameet and my first public speaking

Years ago I did not visit this city near Santiago and this time was a very special occasion: The first Instameet organized by the community of that city.  We had a cold day in which we toured the city photographing and meeting other members of the Chilean Instagram community.

We had a cold day in which we toured the city photographing and meeting other members of the Chilean Instagram community.

It will be a day that I will always remember because it was also here that I gave my first massive talk.

I was always really afraid to speak in public, but here I felt calm and very happy to be able to tell my story and now I can’t stop!

Instameet Chile Instagram


E. Valparaíso.

Photography, encounters and more photography. Visiting Leonardo Murialdo School.

As I had my base in Santiago de Chile, I made many trips to Valparaiso. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Chile, declared UNESCO heritage and with an unceasing cultural activity.

The people of Santiago have the privilege of having the coast less than an hour and a half trip, which makes it possible to take trips for a day to enjoy the sea and photograph the beautiful hills with their colorful houses.

It is among those trips that I also had the honor of being invited to tell my story as a blogger and travels to the students of the Journalism and TV Workshop of the Leonardo Murialdo School, at Larraín Hill. Giving a talk for children was a challenge for me and turned out to be a wonderful experience and lots of learning for me.


F. Iquique, Pica and Salitreras.

TV and radio interviews

And escaping the cold in Santiago, I went to know an area of northern Chile that was pending (although I think I was much cooler there than in Santiago, lol).

The north of Chile is magical, full of history and incredible landscapes. Abandoned saltpeter plants and vestiges of pre-Hispanic cultures are all around the city of Iquique.

I ate the best mangoes of my life in Pica, which although they are small are very tasty!

In addition, I was invited to two local radio programs and one TV Station telling how it is to live a life of traveler and of what I do like a Travel Blogger.

G. Peru and Machu Picchu.

My mother’s dream and mine at Titikaka Lake

More than 13 years ago began this adventure of traveling the world and never stopped.

Peru has an important place in my heart because it was the first destination to which I ventured alone outside of Chile.

On that first trip was pending to know Lake Titikaka and for those things of life were several times I planned to go but something happened in the way that prevented me. Today I understand that it was rather myself, that I should be in the emotional place where I am today to really enjoy this place.

The experience was incredible.

In addition, this trip had an extreme point of happiness, I was able to accompany my mother to fulfill her dream traveler of all her life: to know Machu Picchu. Seeing her face radiating so much happiness is how you always want to see your parents and I am proud to have shared with you this moment so beautiful.

Machu Picchu Perú


H. Bolivia

Encounters and dreams

There are places that remain in your heart forever and my return to La Paz had several very important reasons.

Going back to this city after so many years and seeing it from above from the cable car was wonderful!

I was finally able to visit the Market of Bruges and calmly walk its streets, take pictures of everything and really enjoy the city.


Teleférico en La Paz Bolivia


I. Santiago.

Friends, second Instameet and a radio interview

Although when I returned to Santiago I did not want to be there for anything (I spent almost a month locked up at the edge of the depression I think) everything that we decide and happens to us in life is because we have planned something much better with it.

My return to Santiago was wonderful after a few months!

Part of these friends are the organizers of the Instameet and we live the second great meeting in Santiago with almost a thousand people gathered!

Radio Palabra Santiago

My days in the city were wonderful, learning, teaching and communicating. I was invited to tell my experience to Radio FM Palabra 106.3, where we talk about travel, passions, and entrepreneurship.

The best of this season in Santiago was to connect with beautiful people, talented and passionate about life. It was them who made me see this return as necessary.


This is the first time that my friends are going to leave my trip to the airport and without a doubt this was a milestone in my life.

J. Madrid

The end of the year was wonderful for me. It began with my first visit to Madrid, a destination with which I always dreamed to be.

A city far more entertaining than I thought and an absolute paradise for foodies, with tapas and tapas everywhere.

Centro de Madrid España

K. Christmas Markets in Strasbourg and Germany

My fear of traveling to Europe in the winter, -because I am not very friendly to the cold- dissipated quickly.

Being in Europe on the eve of Christmas is one of the best ideas for any traveler who likes Christmas as much as I do.

This time I had a mission: to go through as many Christmas markets as I could.

And I managed to visit many in Germany and returned to my favorite in Strasbourg.

Today I can say happily that already the smell of vin chaud, glüwein, navegado or whatever you want to call it …I got tired of it.

Mercados de Navidad Estrasburgo Francia

L. Prague

The time before the end of the year was much more perfect than I even imagined. , and if it is a dream traveler,

And if we talk about traveler’s dreams., travel to Prague was on my list since forever!

I can’t believe that I was really walking the streets of this city that seems out of a story (with a castle and everything).

Although being crowded with tourists, Prague is a beautiful city and got to have a special view after Christmas. It also allowed me to see the most beautiful Christmas tree he has ever seen.


Praga Torre del Reloj

M. Berlin

And I closed the year in a new city.

Another destination that I fantasized about since I was a girl, when I was a history fan and wondered what it would be like to stand in front of the Berlin Wall.

Being there I felt shivers for many reasons, both to know more deeply what happened there but also to realize how powerful we are as human beings.


Muro de Berlín

While watching the fireworks in Berlin I recognized how much good I had lived in 2016 and above all I realized that when you get clear what you want and want something with all your heart, if you leave behind the fears that prevent you from getting it, you will have it.

I wish you to have a beautiful 2017, full of your best travel and adventure!



Already have travel plans for 2017?

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  1. I am quite envious right now. U managed quite a few places from my bucket list….Machu Picchu….Prague…..Well done and here is to more amazing travels this year!

  2. Your South American adventures sound so fun. Rio Carnival is on the top of my bucket list! Congrats on all your radio speaking opportunities and it’s really great that you get to inspire so many people on multiple types of media channels! Great work! Sighhhh… now going to look up some plane tickets to see if my 2017 highlights can copy some of yours! *Googles tix to Bolivia…*

  3. What a year you’ve had! Insta meets are so fun and public speaking isn’t easy so congrats on achieving it! May 2017 be more awesome!

  4. I just returned from South America (Chile and Argentina) and I think it was the highlight of my year. I want to return as soon as possible.Glad to see that so many of your moments were in South America last year.

  5. Oh, you had a great year! Congratulations on your success with Latam. Hopefully, this was just beginning, and many more brands would be interested working with you. It’s funny that with myriad different destinations on this planet, we managed to visit same locations: Madrid and Berlin. It was the first time in both for me. I loved Madrid in May but was not overly impressed with Berlin in early March.

  6. What a lovely year 2016 was for you! I am so glad you got to take your mom to Macchu Picchu and Lake Titikaka! in 6th Grade I read about South America for the first time ever and since then my mom and I have this dream of exploring Peru Andes and Patagonia someday. Hopefully I get to do it too like you!

  7. Looks you had amazing 2016! Oh peru and rio carnival is on my list too. Have a great 2017 and safe travels

  8. Wow, you did so much this past year! Well done! I’m sure you have another full year ahead of more traveling!

  9. You had a great year and I widh you more prosperous years to come! You are very hardworking and you deserve everything you wishes.

  10. Wooh.. What an eventful year 2016 has been for you! Looks you were no less than a celebrity with so many interviews and features. I wish you more success and wonderful year in 2017. Keep inspiring 🙂

  11. Wow! What a year you had. It is great if you can share a link to your radio interview. Loved Rio and Titikaka Lake!

  12. Wow seems like you had an amazing year! It has always been a dream of mine to go to Carnival in Brazil! I have been to Rio and Brasilia but would love to go for the festival! Also, my aunt went to Germany this last Christmas too to see the markets. She said they were amazing! Hope you have a fabulous 2017!

  13. What a fantastic and full year you’ve had! I was happy to see Bolivia and Peru on your list because we’re tentatively planning on going down that way. We may even make it as far South as Chile again later this year, so perhaps a few more terremotes will be in order if you’re there! 😉

    • Heeey!!!
      Thank you for your words! Hope you are having a blast too! I’m so glad to know you’re going back to South America! Let me know if you need any help with the plans! Off course I would love to go for more terremotos! See you! 😉

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