Welcome to my Life Adventure!

If you are reading this it is probably your first time in the Blog of this traveler woman.

To start exploring this space about travel, adventures and all about my travel experiences you can click on the question below that will redirect you to get to know more about myself and how this project started:

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I can tell you thanks to my experience that it is possible to travel the world being a woman and you don’t need to be  rich to do it, you just need to not be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and enjoy this wonderful life!

I am here to inspire you and to share my adventures and experiences around the world. I have a very unique perspective as South American but I also have very strong Arabian and European influences as part of my family roots, this will give you a perspective from a normal and independent girl traveling and enjoying life at the fullest.

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In this Travel Blog you will find stories from the road, it is constantly growing and evolving and you will be getting new content every week.

You can read my articles about destinations in the section ‘Travels’, about my favorite food in ‘Tasty World’, my recommendations about Hotels, restaurants, Spa’s and funny activities. I also have some articles that are more personal and travel stories in the section Blog

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If you have any ideas you want to share with me or you want to work with me on an interesting project, you can read more details about it in the link below. You can also learn about other publications and projects I have participated on:

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