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travel to celebrate


When you love to travel, or better yet …. when you are PASSIONATE about travel, there will always be a very good excuse to do it.

If you get a special bonus at work you can book that ticket you wanted to buy since long time! Or if it’s  your birthday, wedding anniversary, or you graduated from University: The perfect time to travel to celebrate the beauty of life!

If there has been a sad and hard times in your life, a trip can be the ideal way to step back and see things from another angle and help you to heal your broken heart.


I travel to celebrate life.


What is your excuse to travel?


QOTD Travel isn’t always pretty

“Travel isn’t always pretty.

When you live in a different place, talk to different people and can carry yourself in what is unknown for you, you’ll be forced to act differently.

And let’s face it: travel isn’t always pretty. You will experience certain things you will not like, and difficulties are more likely to happen when you are on the road.

The way you move in a city will be different, and being out of your comfort zone will make you experience the world in a new level of consciousness.

One thing will happen for sure when you travel, and specially when you travel long-term: YOU WILL CHANGE. So don’t be surprised if your city don’t look the same, or even your friends and relatives don’t seem to have too many things in common. You have lived things they don’t and you are different now, they didn’t change with you.

Hopefully you will change in a way you will be able to be aware of things you didn’t notice before, so you will tend to be little bit more careful about judging another person quickly, or at least to think about what’s happening with their lives that is leading to act or think in a certain way.

Travel helps you to respect and love others.