The art of flying Low-Cost and finding the cheapest tickets

Flying Low-Cost?

Flying LowCost Tickets

When we want to organize a trip, the first thing that comes to mind for most people are the costs that we will have to face. And if the tickets were cheaper … Would you travel more?

At the time of organizing a vacation, the costs are diverse, it’s in tickets and accommodation where most of the money that we invest in each travel experience goes, which is why when buying an air ticket, most passengers look for the cheapest option.


15 years ago it was almost unthinkable for most of us to make more than one trip a year. At that time, airfare costs made things a little more complicated for those of us who wanted to travel constantly.


But today for the happiness of many – including me – the great competition in the market and the air supply of low-cost companies in Chile and in the world are changing the stage and you can find very cheap tickets.


In Europe and Asia the phenomenon it’s been developing for years already, but today it has finally reached South America and Chile!
Resulting in the rising of air services users which has been increasing progressively with according to the offer, with rates even lower than those offered Intercity buses.


JetSmart, LAW, Sky Airlines and even LATAM are changing the way Chileans connect within Chile and with the world. Routes that connect not only the International airport in Santiago but also with other airports in other regions.



The appearance of low-cost airlines nowadays allows us to travel around the world for 2oooUSD, half of what it would cost with Economy tickets.


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Are low-cost airlines safe enough to fly with them?

Thousands of times are repeated these same questions, How is this airline? Is the plane going to fall because my ticket cost me so cheap?

And is that we have gotten the chip as consumer society that, at higher prices, better quality.

This is almost always the case and we tend to think that flying LowCost means less security than flying with an airline that offers Business service, but in the aviation issue we must consider that there is a minimum safety standard that is regulated by the aeronautical authorities


An airline, for as low cost as it would be, must comply with strict security requirements in order to have the permits to transport passengers commercially.


In Chile, the person in charge of this Certification of Air Operator is the General Direction of Civil Aeronautics  Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil  (DGAC)





But is the market and passengers ready to fly low cost?

The industry is shifting within the world of tourism, providing to more people the opportunity to travel, but I think there is still a lot to do to educate and leave clear rules of the game for those who are starting to live their first trips.

The increase in the supply of low-cost airlines will not only continue to increase the number of passengers and daily flights but also influences other aspects.

The low fares and the increase in the number of passengers can already be seen reflected in some airports always full and with long lines of control of passport and security.

The problem comes because many of these travelers travel for the first time and have zero or very little traveling experience, coupled with high and erroneous expectations.

The dreamed moment and most of the times anxiously awaited, becomes for many an experience not as pleasant as they thought.

After the stress of going through security checks and/or immigration, look for the boarding gate and desperately try to get on the plane, when you finally get on the plane and sit down you discover the reality: that mega offer passage would take you sitting in a seat Much more uncomfortable than you imagined.



What does it mean to finally fly low-cost?


Low-cost airlines don’t necessarily mean low prices but are defined rather by a low cost in their procedures.


Many achieve these very low costs using unified fleets that usually include Boeing A320 or 737 that are flown with high flight rates and crew with lower salaries.


Many of them include a much more efficient fleet that allows them to fly more hours with a low fuel consumption, as it is the case of the Dreamliner or Airbus A350, which also makes the experience of the passengers much more comfortable.


Although it is conventionally believed that low-cost flights only carry out short-haul flights, this has changed in recent years, with several transatlantic flights of more than 6 hours at very low prices, such as Norwegian.


Today it is possible to fly from the United States to Europe for 100USD and flights within Europe or for 9 € or fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas for $ 20,000CHP, something unthought a few years ago.




What should I know before flying LowCost?

For passengers, the low-cost experience translates into receiving basic services at a very low cost, but if you want more you have to pay more.


This reduction in fuel costs is what will continue to lower prices for customers.

In addition, as the number of travelers increases each day the rates will be lower, but with it, the services delivered by the lower rates will also be much more basic.


For those of us who travel constantly, the decision to buy a low-cost ticket is taken very consciously and we are clear about all that it implies.


If you look at it in a realistic way, it makes no sense to expect a five-star service if you are paying less than it will cost a hotel night at the destination you are heading to (although it would be wonderful).


There are usually extra charges for services that are usually included in other airlines, such as luggage and food.

Fly lowcost tickets airlines

How does the future look with the increase of the Low Cost?


Even the way of buying airfare has also changed in frequent flyers. For example, when buying tickets is no longer obvious that tickets become cheaper at the last minute and if you buy on Tuesdays will be cheaper, or always cost cheaper while you buy them before.


Especially LowCost companies, manage their prices depending on a basic model of the market, if they are in high demand they increase the prices to slow the purchase and if they are very low they lower their prices.

LowCost companies have increased a lot to fly in the American continent, Asia, and Europe and are expected to continue increasing in the next years. Here are some of the airlines that operate this mode of low-cost fares:





With this too, passengers often arrive at destinations that they never intended to visit before, not because of their interest, but because of the location of the airports of the low-cost airlines and the offer, even when they are very far from the main cities, As in the case of Ryanair.

It is expected that frequent passenger programs will become increasingly difficult to achieve flights or stays through them, as has already been seen in several airlines.



Although many say otherwise, the industry is consolidating especially at low international long-term rates, making that dream holiday in Disney or Europe will be more and more possible for more people.


In this case, the increase in competition will only mean improvements and bigger offers for passengers and will result in more travelers not yet decided to finally travel to their country and the world!



Have you already had the experience of flying low-cost?

What are your tips for flying with them?

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