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One of the most promising and new areas of Hamburg is the Uberseequartier, designed in the district of Hafencity is an area that will surely be the most visited and cool of the city in a little more time.
This area formerly belonged to the port and that today is being redesigned, transforming day by day instead of big companies, modern hotels, and interesting cultural and gastronomic places.

The 25Hours Hotel opened its doors in July 2011 and is also part of ACCOR Hotels, but with a unique design and unlike any other. It has two contiguous properties in this neighborhood: the Hafencity and the Altes Hafenamt.

We were invited to stay at 25 Hours Hotels Hafencity in our visit to Hamburg and from the arrival, you are welcomed by its characteristic atmosphere, very relaxed and with modern design.



The Hotel 25Hours has a concept that perfectly combines urban and contemporary with its own style. It focuses on Germany and nearby countries and seeks to deliver a high-level hotel service, but maintaining good service, good prices, and unique design.

In the aim of keeping a line with the city’s identity, the 25 Hours Hafencity has developed its design keeping the spirit of the old port of Hamburg.

With a simple decoration, from the entrance, you appreciate the mixture between decorative elements with an industrial air in the lobby, with pure materials in sight and the symbology used in the cargo containers, with contrasting colors that combine with vintage furniture that seems to have been always there.


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The rooms are considered “cabins” in honor of the fishermen who formerly worked and lived in the area and the fishing and port language is maintained in all its facilities, but in the right amount and with good taste.

They provide a relaxed atmosphere and they fulfill what they want to reproduce, that is your home away from home. You really feel comfortable and like in the living room of your house.



The hotel is located in Hafencity, right where the Uberseequartier begins, a neighborhood that is in full development.

Formerly the “Speicherstadt” area, since 2015 it’s a UNESCO site, it was the storage and unloading port of Hamburg, has been transformed into an urban project that is still growing and is expected to be completed in 2025, including squares, shopping centers, residential areas that will totally change the face of this area of the city.

Today it is a residential area and you can still see the big construction areas of the main projects. It is a very quiet area with modern style restaurants and cafes, residential buildings, museums. It seems that it is very far from the tourist attractions but in fact, it has a very good location and connectivity, for example, the Elbe Philharmonic or the international cruise terminal is only 5 minutes walking, as well as the historical center 15 minutes walk from the hotel.




The interior design of the 25 Hours was crap by Stephen William Associates along with Eventlabs and they have managed to create an authentic atmosphere, warm and with a touch very nostalgic at the same time.

The main idea of making yourself feel at home is achieved in the two floors with different areas where you can spend time outside your room.


Common leisure areas, comfortable and very diverse in which each passenger can find his favorite place and share with other travelers.

You can use bikes or even a mini car for up to 5 hours, unfortunately, we did not get to use it, but it is a very good option to take some walking in or around the city.

The access and lobby floor combines hard materials, with reference to cargo terminals, containers, and objects and treasures from different parts of the world. The designers dedicated themselves to collecting small treasures like the flag that accompanies the reception and was the one that received to The Beatles when they visited Hamburg.


At this same floor, you find the restaurant bar HEIMAT with a simple design and warm lighting.

On the level above the reception, you find the Club Floor which includes a living room with comfortable sofas, games and an organic Samova tea bar, a local brand (includes a Digital Detox tea) with hot water all day. From this space, you can access the small but lush garden for those who need a moment outdoors.

In their desire to deliver a unique and close product, the way they have chosen to communicate with their guests is a journal of their own edition. Yes, they have their own newspaper! The “Companion” is a collaboration with Freunde von Freunden and provides information on the cities in which the 25 Hours are located such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich, and Vienna.


Something unique is their Vinyl Room, closed and specially designed to enjoy your favorite music, have a wide selection of albums.

A Radio Room with a common work table, resembling super trendy co-workings with iMacs, printers and a booth to do Skype calls.

They have Wifi throughout the hotel at very good speed in all areas, also in the room.

At this same level, there are 3 meeting rooms for 70 people and a gallery for events that can receive up to 300 people.



The hotel has no pool or gym, but a well-equipped sauna on the terrace on the sixth floor. He only has very old weights and a leather punching ball.

The sauna is one of the best in Hamburg and is designed in the style of Finnish saunas, experts in the subject, apparently the only one of its kind open on Mondays. An open space, overlooking the port and cruise terminal. With large windows, only covered to avoid wind and rain, towels, beers, water, and fruit are available for free consumption.




With the idea of recreating and maintaining the idea of a sailor home away from home, each room has been designed with the inspiration of the booths of the boats, using classic materials, lots of wood and good lighting.

Something unique and very interesting is that each room is decorated based on a story. The narrator Markus Stoll, conducted an investigation and interviewed 25 sailors in Hamburg and wrote their stories with which they thought the elements that make up the decoration of each room. Even the illustrations on the walls were created based on each of these stories.

The desk in the rooms is a recreation of the old traveling bags and they include a globe lamp (which I loved), a mini-bar and a speaker-ihome music player Docking-Station.


The 25 Hours Hafencity have 170 cabins of three different categories: M (23-26m²), L (31-35m²), Captain’s-cabin (from 40m²).

The only thing I would have liked to have is a slightly wider bed, but the sheets, blankets, and pillows are good quality as well as the room temperature control is perfect.
It is much appreciated to have a window that opens completely to be able to have fresh air in the room.


The prices range from € 135 per room, without breakfast included which costs € 21.


The bathroom is spacious enough and has a shower with good pressure and water temperature. The touch of humor is right next to the toilet: a place for your favorite magazine.

They work together with Stop The Water While Using Me natural products company, with pleasant aromas, including hand soap, shower gel, and body lotion. Also a toothpaste and toothbrush, which is appreciated as I think it’s easy to forget one when traveling.

Having a bit more light in the bathroom would be much appreciated.


The HEIMAT bar-restaurant, located on the lobby level of 25 Hours Hafencity, is responsible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The breakfast buffet looks very simple at first glance but is actually having excellent quality products and a wide variety of choices.

What I liked most about breakfast is that the replenishment is constant and they only put small amounts in the buffet, keeping the products always fresh and with a homely feel.


Eastern-style rugs and cushions share the space with modern structures, dishes and drinks with local influence and other origins and according to me they have the best hamburgers in Hamburg.
They also care about having local products, such as coffee, tea that come from local companies.

The breakfast hours are good and in the week is served from 06.30 am – 10.30 pm, Saturdays and Sundays between 07.00 a.m. and noon.


In collaboration with the renowned restaurant NENI, it is possible to enjoy one of the best meals in Hamburg. Located in the contiguous 25 Hours, the family restaurant offers a menu with influences of Turkish food, with a simple and very cozy decoration.

It was one of the best meals during my stay in the city. I have chosen a dish called Jerusalem Teller which was a hummus base with chicken, vegetables, and the most delicious condiments. Very abundant and accompanied with great wine.
It works in the week until 11 pm and Saturdays and Sundays until midnight.


The location seems to be a bit secluded but it is actually perfect and very easy to get to.

Only a 5-minute walk from the U-Bahn U-Bahn station on the U4 line, or a 5-minute taxi ride from the Hamburg train station, which should cost around € 7.


Hamburg is a city to visit throughout the year, there is much to see and do independent of the season.

If you are cruise lover do not miss the Hamburg Cruise Weeks every August.

Perhaps, if you are not a fan of the cold, you will prefer to visit the city more in summer, as the weather is generally a little cold and there may be a lot of wind in Hamburg.

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