10 reasons why everybody loves Chile

Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, here are some reasons why everybody loves Chile

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I have always considered Chile as a country inside a little bubble, we are geographically separated from the rest of the world by the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

This has caused its inhabitants be used to see and interact with a certain kind of people and made us feel a bit special compared to the rest of South America.

In the past five years, immigration rates have increased significantly. Some people likes and others really dislike the idea of sharing life with people of different backgrounds, especially in Santiago, its capital.

While I must admit Santiago is a very entertaining city to live, it is one of those cities that provokes a love-hate relationship. I think many of whom have grown up in Chile’s capital have had the idea of emigrating someday, either abroad or to another city in the country.

Today is possible to see a bigger cultural diversity in the country and I firmly believe that this will make a better country, and Chileans will be more tolerant and hopefully less discriminating.

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The love for Chile and why many travelers decide to stay

Something has always caught my attention and it’s the love and the magnet effect this country generates in many foreigners.

I have met so many travelers who came for a few days and stayed living for years in the city, or students looking to Chile as a destination for their exchanges, entrepreneurs seeking to develop their projects with StartUp Chile and that have turned Santiago into a little new entrepreneurial hub in South America.


Chile is a very friendly country with great solidarity and has a form of the American dream that makes any foreigner coming to Chile feel at home with good conditions to try their projects.

Marie Courvasier, (she’s an awesome French Filmmaker, find her on Twitter)


I stayed in Chile because I find it is a country of opportunities for anyone willing to risk. I am speaking in particular to undertake. In Chile, there are still thousands of things to invent, something to improve or give space to your creativity

Fanny Caire (she created the best Creperie in Chile, find her on Facebook)


1. The Andes

There are very few places on earth where you always have a view of a mountain. Chileans use the Andes as a location reference and when you have the pleasure to see it after a day of rain and snow covered when the sun shines, life makes sense.

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2. Diversity

Chile has one of the continent’s most diverse ecosystems, nature lovers find in Chile an interesting place to explore.

By having the natural barriers that surround it, anywhere in the country, you have many natural places to visit,  from the driest desert in the world to glaciers and beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains.

This is reflected in the culture, with various demonstrations throughout the country, added to the cultures that have migrated make Chile a natural and culturally rich country.

It’s the only country were the dryiest desert turns into a flowering paradise, a country with the best skies to observe the stars, the country with the island located eastern than any other in the American continent.

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3. The dining scene

I have always believed that Chile does not have much creativity in our kitchen, but lately there’s a new gastronomical scene, focused on rescuing the roots of our culture. This new approach, in addition to the immigrants, has brought new flavors and cooking styles.

In different parts of the country, it’s possible to find an exciting mix of international cuisine.

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4. Sense of humor

I’ve always said that in Chile we don’t speak Spanish, we speak ‘Chilean’. When you can understand Spanish spoken in Chile you also open your mind to a particular style of humor, transversal to all social classes and realities.

Chile is characterized by having a very sarcastic sense of humor and in every situation, we will make a joke, even in the worst ones. This special humor will often be double-sense (mainly sexual sense) and with a very particular irony.

we are not hippies we are happy

5. The Soccer passion

When Chile play an international match, almost all Chileans automatically become fans of ‘La Roja’. The working places paralyzes, the buses frequency decrease and cities make a pause to cheer up the team loved by all.

Chileans (and South Americans in general) are very passionate about what our flags and what they represent. And everybody who’s been in Chile before will remember this

C H I chi L E le Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Viva Chile

6. Safety

While of course there are crimes in Chile, even some scams, as in almost any country in the world, I still consider it a very safe country if we compare it with others on the continent.

Everything depends on the area in which you move because it is clear that there are places that are not as safe as others at night, but many of the most touristic places have a fairly acceptable level of safety.


While there are crimes in Chile, in Venezuela they steal and kill you. There are many opportunities and economically many facilities that I wouldn’t have in my country.

Then this is a beautiful country with wonderful people I have met, they have treated me very well everywhere and I love how beautiful is Santiago

Gio Tortollani

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7. Expression of love

Although Chile is considered one of the less liberal countries regarding the expression of affection, in Chile you can freely express your love with your friends, your partner and even with animals.

It is one of the few countries where you’ll find people lying on any piece of grass, and parks are filled with cuddling and kissing couples.

Street dogs are are cared and loved by many anonymous people who provide them food and shelter in the streets.

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8. The value of family

One thing I’ve noticed after traveling abroad and making friends from other countries is the value we Chileans have for friends and family.

Once you’re a piece of a circle of friends or family you will be welcomed and supported unconditionally, they will be there in good and bad times, even if you don’t have seen in a long time.

For Chileans before money, work or anything else, family and friends come first.


What I like about Chile is Family! So with a capital F, because they have value for the family! taking care of grandparents, they come together to eat (a bbq!!) on weekends, they generally have a strong bond between brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.

In France the old people are commanded to live in an elderly home, brothers no longer speak to each other because families are destroyed, at 18 years old we are all outside the house. Well, we are independent, but with a little link and attachment to the family.

Fanny Caire

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9. Avocados

Perhaps most bizarre thing every Chilean who lives outside of Chile experience is missing avocados.

Yes, that delicious and creamy delicacy in Chile can be seen in almost any meal, from breakfast slathered in a marraqueta to the Chilean version of the hot dog (completos), pizza or ceviche.


10. Living day by day

Living in such a diverse country naturally has its costs. Chile is located in the Rong of fire of the Pacific and that makes it being constantly affected by various natural disasters, from earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or landslides.

Chileans grow up knowing that any of these events can happen and that makes us be able to enjoy the present, not to worry so much about tomorrow and be tremendously supportive of each other.

Chileans are extremely supportive when necessary and don’t even think before going out and help, leaving everything aside immediately when a disaster happen.


Do you also love Chile? Do you have another reason to love Chile?

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  1. Chile looks amazing Gloria! It’s definitely on my list now 🙂

  2. I’m planning my first trip to Chile Dec. 2017 ~ Jan. 2018. Can’t wait to visit Santiago and its Mercado Central, the colorful Valparaiso, the pink flamingoes of Atacama… It’s so unfortunate that I can’t understand the sarcastic sense of humor since I speak too little Spanish.

    As for your question, what I love about Chile, or the reason that made me so eager to visit is literature. I enjoy reading great poetry by Neruda and Mistral, and contemporary young writers like Zambra are so refreshing.

    • I’m Chilean and I’m an English teacher so if you need any help while visiting Chile don’t be afraid and contact me! Solange Garces Rojas 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you, Chile is a great country with so many wonderful places! 🙂

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